Tuesday, May 11, 2010

He Is Like the Silence That Follows a Gasp

Does the world gleam gold to you
Through the sunny haze of your own magnificence?
Each bead of glistening dew like a pearl of fire
Emanating from your rusted flaxen mane
Of tough metallic locks

And does your hand chill
Or tremble in awe
At the touch of your own cheek
And at knowledge of the unfailing beauty there
The visage of snow and ice broken only

By blood
By crimson gorgeousness as luminous as you

What do those blue eyes
And all that lies behind them, which is so much more
See when they behold themselves?

If you could perceive your reflection as you are
In all your beauteousness
Which draws my joyous gaze and sorrowful sigh
Then you would be greater poetry
Than this


Tom Last said...

I really like the image "pearl of fire". I liked the blue eyes stanza too. My mind kinda exploded in curiosity when I thought of piercing blue eyes perceiving themselves in the mirror.

I don't remember exactly, but I think I found you through one of my followers. Thanks for all your comments.

Cheryl said...

Ah, would so love to be in this frame of mind right now. Really, really nice poem!

Selina Kingston said...

Wow that is an amazing piece of writing! It is a long time since I felt like that, I can tell you. I sometimes wonder if I ever will again ....