Friday, August 12, 2011

Going Home

I've enjoyed my time in this city, at least to a degree. Things about it have irked me, some to the point of making it clear that I could never make this my permanent home. In other areas, though, it's been good. I've enjoyed working in an office, enjoyed knowing that I can survive in a new environment, and enjoyed the company of some of the lovely agents and interns I've met here, a few of whom I now count as friends.

I'm ready to go home, though.

My parents will arrive here tomorrow morning with Thomas and Pie and, after a day and night together in the city, we'll get into their car and drive back to Southern State.

I feel as if I'm finally lying down to rest after being tired for a very long time.


laura b. said...

I know that feeling BB. You have had quite a summer and I'm sure it changed you. Enjoy your homecoming.

silly rabbit said...

You've had quite an experience!
I know that feeling too of the call of home and a well earned rest. Enjoy it.

Eternally Distracted said...

Enjoy being home and having a well deserved rest ;)

rented life said...

Having recently visited the city, I don't think I could live there either, despite not loving the area we live in now. Enjoy your rest!!