Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Yellow House

There are days when the sun itself seems to sit in judgement over me. It's awful when those times come, because in here all is empty and cheap, but out there the light exposes everything. I can't allow it to expose me.

Not when I'm so like the yellow house. On the outer walls a pretense is made at dignity, even stateliness, but inside is corruption, cowardice, duplicity, hatred. If the rays' cruel fingers were allowed to rest upon my shoulder, they'd tear me open and the whole reeking carcass would collapse in on itself.

I want to leave this yellow house. And I never want to be a yellow house again.


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Peace <3

Arizaphale said...

You are exactly what you were intended to be. No more, no less. And you are therefore perfect in your flawed humanity. There is no need for the yellow walls. Air out the heart of you. You might need to leave the yellow house to do it though.

naturgesetz said...

Sounds as if you've realized that you are one example of fallen humanity. IOW, you're not the only one who's like that. This is why we all need a Redeemer.