Thursday, December 12, 2013

It Was Time

One of the only constants throughout the life of this blog has been my 1996 Oldsmobile. She was a solid and loyal old steed, and on her wheels I rode through college and beyond, but over the weekend of Thanksgiving she at last expired of a cracked head gasket.

It was time to upgrade.

The need, of course, had been gnawing at the back of my mind for a while; the check-engine light in the Oldsmobile had been on consistently for about five years, and starting in 2009 or so I found myself sinking ever more money into repairing a car I could not afford to replace. With an internship and attendant daily commute on the horizon for the New Year, some part of me knew that my faithful Elizabeth wasn't going to make it. I just didn't expect her to go so soon.

"I tell you what," said Uncle Car Salesman. "Let me look around and see if we can't find you something. I'm sure we'll be able to get some kind of deal."

A week later I was driving around in a 2007 Prius that I paid far less for than I should. This car is great. It's dependable, it's in good shape, it is a shade prettier than Elizabeth--bless her memory--ever managed, and it gets absurd gas mileage.

That's right: BB's entered the 21st century, and he's saving money doing it.

So now my Marble City internship won't be imperiled by a lack of transportation. With my car in hand and my lodgings secured--Viking Ninja, an old college friend, offered me room in his house for a bare $250 a month--all that's left is for me to show up.

It's a really strange feeling when you know that for the the moment everything is taken care of. But, for the moment, everything is taken care of.


Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING IN THIS POST IS BLOODY AWESOME!!!! I hope you don't mind the BOLD, I am just very happy for you!!!

And thank Uncle Car Salesman, and please ask him if he can dredge up another one of those cool Priuses for me! HAHAHAHA

BB, you're off on a grand journey and will come out the better man for it! I can't wait to see the posts about the new internship.

Peace <3

laura b. said...

Oooh, I would love a Prius! All good news! So happy to hear it, BB.

jo(e) said...

That all sounds great.

naturgesetz said...

I'm happy to read this post.

Good for Elizabeth, good for Uncle Car Salesman, and good for Viking Ninja.

Nice to see some important things working out.

ControllerOne said...

Great car. Very cool.