Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Between Shadows

I stand between shadows
What was and will be
The greatness of yore and
The future of me

My towers have fallen
My banners are gone
The world that enthroned me
Is changed and redrawn

I wander a lost one
I'm faded and weak
The beauty that thundered
Is shrouded and meek

But I have a power
That others don't hold
From cinders and rubble
My hands can spin gold

I rode the waves once and
I'll ride them again
The mountains and oceans
Will be my seat then

It's already started
As in days of yore
Haven't they told you
I've done this before?

It won't be like last time
It won't be the same
My soul has grown stronger
And brighter's the flame

I rise as a giant
The stars show my way
And with every sunrise
Advances the day


Anonymous said...

How do you tell someone that they have just written one of the greatest tributes to themselves that I've ever read? BB, this is wonderful. SOOO full of hope and promise and THE FUTURE! You rock!

I guess you are very close to moving to a new abode in GRADUATE SCHOOL TOWN! That's just so great. I am so glad I know you here, you make me a happy person!

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

Spin that gold, BB. Spin that gold.