Monday, December 26, 2016

Time Was

Though now her lamp is burning low
Time was it fired bright
Though now its beams are ebbed and weak
Time was they lit the night

Though now her voice is withered down
Time was it shook the sky
A ballad roared like freedom's bells
Of Liberty on high

Though now she turns her head from fact
And hums a broken tune
Time was she strove to heal the sick
Her banner crowned the moon

Though now the Golden Door is closed
The Exiles' Mother screams
Time was one island was the port
Of all man's hopes and dreams

Though now her people huddle scared
Before an ersatz king
Time was they stood with trumpets bared
With soaring songs to sing

Though now she backs down from the world
Time was she was its might
Its starry soul, its arsenal
Its hero and its light

Though now the maiden can't recall
Her shot heard 'round the world
That sound, most glorious of all
Cast waves that long unfurled

Time was on shores of Normandy
In peasants' dirt-stained tears
In countless small men's dignity
There was that sound revered

Though now the crown falls from her head
The eagle from her arm
The shield from freedom's heaving breast
Conviction from her song

Though now her gaze is glassy eyed
Into submission hurled
Time was she was a shining queen
Time was she raised the world

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