Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Not Dead!


I don't really know why I chose the picture above to prove to you that I have not, in fact, expired, but it seemed appropriate for some reason. I had meant to write a full-length post today but got up too late and as a result arrived at school only forty-five minutes before the start of class.

I resolve, here and now, to start getting up each morning at seven o'clock. There is so much more I could accomplish with that extra time, both academically and personally.

There are two posts I'm planning for the immediate future, and keep on me if I'm lax about either of them.

The first is a general update on my life and all that's happening (that will be a big one) and the second is about an honored pastime in my family called the Blanket Game.

I have to go to class now, but I promise I will be back soon (sometime this week).

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