Friday, January 9, 2009

The Monster

A monster comes across the mountains
Driving here to slay
It uproots trees and darkens fountains
It wants to kill today

The sky grows dark at its approach
Hear the clouds go silent?
When thunder cracks to pierce the storm
You will know where to find it

The heavens are the deepest black
It won't be too long now
The thing has reared up from the earth
Though we do not know how

They say it was a person once
A person pushed too far
A person whose whole soul became
A single unhealed scar

A high shriek violates the night
And shatters even stone
Don't try to run, it's seen us here
Our hiding place is known

It's on its way in mindless wrath
Death for death's violent sake
We will be slaughtered in quick time
Make no hopeful mistake

I see it now in its true form
It's soaring past the hills
The foul thing senses human life
It rages and it kills

Don't cry my son, the end is near
The horrid beast bears down
With bladed arms and acid spit
And teeth with razor crowns

Why does the thing attack, you ask?
In truth, I could not say
But sometime in the ancient past
Its heart was torn away

It's standing right in front of us
No son, it cannot see
It's too far gone into its hate
To know humanity

It knows only that what we have
No one will have with it
Now that we're dead it will move on
Its fury's always lit

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