Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Addendum to the Hair Update

After I’d taken a good look at the photographs for the most recent hair update, I realized that they weren’t particularly good.

The problem is this: my hair is very thick and very wavy, which means that, for a while, it looks the same despite the fact that it is getting longer. I like my hair to be a little bit straighter but wouldn’t actually take the trouble to straighten it, so instead I just wear it in three hair ties, each a fist-length apart from each other, and then take them out before leaving the house.

So, here is my new and improved hair update.

Last month, my hair looked like this:

My Hair

My Ponytail

This month, with more representative photos, it looks like this:

My Hair

My Ponytail

There you go, done until August!


secret agent woman said...

Honey, you are certifiable. :) (But I'll admit the hair looks longer in the last photo.)

Terra Shield said...

You do have very thick hair.

jo(e) said...

I like the multiple-hair tie look.

(And I have to say once again ... you do have beautiful hair.)

nadhsamuel said...

Nice !