Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hair Update

It's time for another hair update. I was a bit late this month, but there were a lot of other things going on.

This is what my hair looked like in June:

My Hair

My Ponytail

Here's what it looks like now, in July:

My Hair

My Ponytail

Due to the waviness, it looks like it's grown less than it has, but I can assure that it is much longer than before.

At home I've taken to wearing it bound with three hair ties, which helps it stay straight when I let it down. I really like having it this long and can't wait for it to get longer.


otherworldlyone said...

Cool. Our hair is about the same color.

Anonymous said...

I love long hair and yours is absolutely beautiful... It's straight but kind of wavy... C'est tres bien:P

Nashe^ said...

I always seem to drop by during a hair update =\

secret agent woman said...

Seriously, can you tell the difference between the photos?