Monday, February 18, 2013


I only want to love
For you to love me back
I only want to know for sure
There's life beyond the black

I only want to hold
And also to be held
I want to let my mind be free
As hands and spirits meld

I only want to know
Exactly what it's like
To want to have you be my world
For more than just one night

I only want to be a man
I likely cannot be
The kind of man who gives himself
The kind who is not me

I only want to hear that love
Is more than just a word
No part of me believes that's true
And I cannot unlearn

I only want to part the fog
In which my soul is tossed
And for a day not be alone
For one day not be lost


naturgesetz said...

It's not unreasonable to want these things. Unfortunately, you can't make them happen. You just have to be open to them and hope for the best. Here's hoping .

BTW, I think Jay made sense in his comment on the previous post. Writing about the traumas of your childhood may be cathartic, but if it isn't enough, you owe it to the man you want to be, to try additional measures.

Jay M. said...

I think we all deserve the kind of happiness and fulfillment this brings. But as naturgesetz says, you have to be open to them, but I do think you can help them happen by just being the best person you can be.

Peace <3

Arizaphale said...

And with need to give it a little time...

Somewhere Circus said...

Well, hello.