Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Damn you
Damn me
This thing is such a vicious cycle
And it's so obvious it's not love

But it's love in the moment
Of the moment
Of the way you make me feel
Of the way there's only glittery you
When there's only glittery you

My absence ends you
Your presence decays me
And what I hate the most isn't what you do to me
But what you make me do to myself

I know it even as my lips touch yours
That I'll regret you when we're done
You're the worst of me
I'm the best of you

I'm the end-all-be-all
So much more extraordinary than what I let you tell me I can be
But I'm addicted to the way you whisper your lies
And even in my best moments I wonder if they might be truths

That my soul is a mediocre flash of broken light
That I was made for only one moment
That I was doomed from the start
That I'll never be beautiful again

One day I will take you in triumph
Wrap you in my arms
Lean in and whisper
"I won."


Jay M. said...

I love your writing. This is an interesting insight into you. You WILL win!

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

Well done. I find myself wondering if the persona is addressing a person or a personified thing.

Kristi Campbell said...

I'd like for you to consider writing an Our Land Post for me. Here's the deal. You submit original writing about pain and horribleness but the end has to be about hope and life and its people accepting everybody. It's about empathy and wonder for ALL of us. IM me or email me if you're interested.