Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Prince

I am not the peaceful prince
Who wields the sceptered sun
Who came to clear the clouds and to
Shine light on everyone

I am not the scribe of law
Or font of wisdom pure
Not the king to care for all
Or safety to ensure

I am chaos, fury come
The sword on which will gleam
The blood of wailing peoples run
A steaming, tear-streaked stream

I am not release from sin
I'm vengeance crowned with greed
I am retribution with
An army at my feet

I am fire in the night
Arrived in steel-tipped rage
I am pillage, I am rape
I am Death engaged

I will melt the very ground
In sulfurous tides of flame
I will lift a banner proud
Above your smoking plain

I will take no bribe of gold
My only price is life
A mountain of you, stiff and cold
Will be my sole delight

I am starlight beaten black
A wolf borne of a sheep
What you have made you can't turn back
Nor fly from pay you've reaped


naturgesetz said...

Very striking. We can imagine who the speaker is.

Bob said...

Beautifully written and I can theorize ... but would love additional insight and commentary!

sage said...

Powerful and great imagery... I'm seeing the black horse of the Apocalypse, but like Bob, I'm curious as to your insight.

Practical Parsimony said...

I love the powerful imagery.

kylie said...

"A wolf born of a sheep" is my favourite line.

I was going to say I wouldn't want to run into this guy but of course we all do. Every day.