Sunday, May 11, 2008

Leave Me Alone

A poem I wrote tonight.

Please leave me alone
Please lay down the knife
You’ve scourged me to the
Barest inch of my life

Please unclamp your hands
From tight round my neck
I’ll fight you no longer
You’ve left me a wreck

Please just let me go
Let me crawl away
Was it not enough
To break me this way?

The damage you’ve done
Will pass you in years
Let me be rubble
Please let me rain tears

Let me be ashes
And let me burn out
Go with a whimper
And make not a shout

Let me retreat now
And scatter the bones
Wreathe countless black clouds
Above my tomb stone

Do you mean to kill me
With wilting, rank breath?
If I'm not freed you'll
Consign me to death

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