Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Prayer

I'd just like one day of light
A day for me to smile
All I do is cry inside
It's gone on for while

Why of all the people here
Who You could choose to smite
Did you pick defenseless me
To bury with Your Might?

I've prayed and prayed such coutless times
It's gotten me nowhere
Out of one catastrophe
And into more despair

These thoughts are wicked in my head
Lord, I apologize
My very blood is wicked, too
Acidic in my eyes

Can you see me as I am
Revolting and grotesque?
If you don't then all the rest
Will surely recompense

I've tried so hard and I've been good
I so dare to declare
So why then have You heaped on me
These burdens I can't bear?

Let me go God, give release
Deliver me again
I can't demand and so I beg
For finally, an end

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