Sunday, June 8, 2008

What I'll Be Doing the Next Few Days

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Wow, I'm busy.

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated you, but I promise that a full-length post is coming as soon as I can create it.

The probelm is that over the next few days I will likely not have access to a computer. Powell and I leave in a matter of hours for Native State, where we will stay two days with our grandmother before getting on a plane at Native and Marble International Airport to head for Gay City, Movie State.

I've never been to the West Coast before (in fact, I've never been past Country Music State, where two of my cousins live), and so Powell and I are both very excited. Accompanying us on this trip will be Cool Cousin, a professional in her mid to late thirties who once lived there and knows the area well, the oft-lauded Aunt Crazy, and, of course, my grandmother.

It promises to be a gay old time.

The last week or so has been enormously eventful, and I will let you know all about it very soon.

We leave for Movie State on Tuesday, return to Native State on June 18th (Pie's birthday), and then are back in Southern State on June 19th.

I've told prospective employers that I'm good to start work on June 20th. A party that I'm supposed to attend at a friend's house some forty-five minutes away from Mountain Town on the 21st promises to complicate things immensely.

Please look through all of my pictures and let me know what you think of everything.

By the way, I'm sorry that the Journals Sections have been so late. August of 2002 should now be posted in its entirety, but September and October will have to wait until after I get back.


Before I go, though, I'd really like to share something that Pie did the other day. She enjoys jumping around in my bed in the afternnons and evenings, dancing to favorite artists Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera (the former of whom she actually, at the tender age of four, turned me on to and who is now my favorite singer).

She was doing this one day with particular gusto when I looked over and said, "Pie, you're crazy."

"Actually," she responded through gulping breaths as she soared above the mattress and pillows. "I'm a nut."

This is something else I call her.


Oh, and we recently experienced a power outtage that lasted from approximately two to eleven p.m. on the day it struck following a fairly violent storm.

Here are some pictures from that event:

Going into Darkness

As the Sun Went Down


BlackenedBoy by Candlelight


My Bathroom By Candelight

Storm Strikes

Backyard Before a Storm

Storm in the Backyard

Through My Dining Room Window

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