Friday, July 11, 2008

All Alone

No one held the scythe that struck
My head from off my neck
Nor bade the clouds that gathered fast
And made a rusty wreck

No one told the sun to set
Upon that wretched sight
No one cast it from the sky
And gunned down all the light

No god saw as Heaven rained
Ten million wicked knives
No one screamed as down they poured
And took down countless lives

No one saw my fields aflame
My green self turned to gold
The roses would incinerate
With no one being told

No one saw the beauty lost
But I did, I was there
I watched the flowers burn and rot
I watched the awful flare

Now the land is scorched and done
The sky an empty black
Disaster's come, catastrophe
And there's no going back

It's all deceased and no one cares
And no one even knows
I watch the ruin fall on me
I watch it all alone

Somebody help me. Please.

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