Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Year Ago

For everything you’ve done to me, I hate you to my core
For all the lies you told to me, your image I abhor
For every single taunting peck, for every single jab
For every hellish hour spent, your beating heart I’d grab

I hate the way you made me feel, I hate the tears I cried
I hate the cuts I tried to heal, alone and so deprived
I hate each moment, sad and cold, I hate each scream you plied
From my trembling, shaking lips, the way inside I died

I hate how when I begged for help, they turned their heads away
I hate the death I always felt, when night cloaked over day
I hate the darkness all around, I hate their blinded eyes
I hate them, for they had to know, indifference I despise

I hate them all for hating me, I hate the things they did
I hate that in my purity, my blameless throat they slit
I hate that it was not enough, to leave me all alone
I hate those monstrous, evil beasts, who tore flesh from my bones

So hurt that I can barely see, save tears and all the red
So wounded now that when I scream, my throat is bloody shreds
I smolder at the wrongs you made, that day you held me down
Prostrate and afraid I laid, and in your fists I drowned

I’ll hate you all the years I walk, alone upon this Earth
Eternally I’ll curse your name, flames scorching from my hearth
My soul black as the ocean weeps, a thousand angry tears
The pain inside me always sleeps, my suffering it jeers

It wasn’t meant to be this way, I marvel that it came
Waking to each gutted day, I find myself amazed
It’s all your fault, you shameless fiend, you struck your blows so well
But I’m awake and burning deep, and you can burn in Hell

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