Monday, July 7, 2008

A Lazy Summer's Day

A Summer's Day in the Neighborhood

That's what yesterday was. Here are some pictures:

Peruvian Girl

My friend, Peruvian Girl.


Some flowers.



Four Feet

Our feet.

Two Feet

A close-up of the feet.


Peruvian Girl's dog, Kiki.

Peruvian Girl and Kiki

Peruvian Girl with Kiki.

Blackened Boy and Peruvian Girl

Peruvian Girl and me.

Blackened Boy and Peruvian Girl

Us kidding around in the mirror.

Ice Cream

We ate ice cream.

My Leg

Just lounging about.

Just After Eating Ice Cream

My lips were a little moist after eating that ice cream.


We saw a beautiful cloud while we sat out on her porch.

My Shadow

That's my shadow.

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