Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hair Update and the Wrath of Darth Pieisus

Before my upcoming full-length posts (which will feature my family heritage and awesome weekend), I wish to briefly update everyone on the status of my hair, which seems to have aroused such passion in the blogosphere.

Electronic Goose, upon seeing pictures of my ponytail being cut, was moved to despair and cried out, "Oh, all that long hair!"

That is my sentiment exactly, which is why I'm not cutting it again for a very long time. As you all know, I did get a trim towards the end of August, and wanted to show you where I am now.

Compare several photos, one batch taken right after my last haircut, the other taken yesterday.


Shortened Ponytail

Short Ponytail


BB Gets a Haircut

One Month After Haircut

I think for a month that's really pretty good.

And here's one of me for fun:


Now, on to Darth Pieisus. My brother Powell recently purchased a Star Wars video game, the presence of which in our home has inspired Thomas and Pie to routinely duel it out as if they were Jedi knights.

One day, as Pie advanced on Thomas with her "light saber," I remarked to her, "If you were an evil Sith lord, they'd call you...Darth Pie!"

"No," Thomas said. "Darth Pieisus [pronounced Darth PIE-a-sus]."

Thomas and Darth Pieisus do Battle

Pie began to whine as Thomas pulled ahead in their battle, at which point he was moved to reassure her, "Don't worry, you'll win; you're Darth Pieisus."

At one point, after Thomas had knocked our sister down, Powell called from his position on the couch, "Pie, use your powers!"

Darth Pieisus

As I looked over to where my youngest sibling had fallen, I saw a single tiny hand rise up from behind the arm rest and make a savage choking gesture, whereupon Thomas clutched at his throat and dropped slain to the the ground.

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