Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hair Update

Tonight I will do something I haven't done in a while. It is time for a hair update.

I first started growing my hair out in May of 2002, when I was in eighth grade, and didn't cut it until my Freshman Year of college, when in October of 2006 I shaved my head.

Immediately afterward I began growing it again, going more than a year without so much as a trim.

I got one maintenance cut in November of 2007 and intended to wait another year, but by the summer of 2008 the split ends were adding up, and the bottom two to three inches of my hair looked fried.

In August of 2008 I bit the bullet and lopped off a good three to four inches of hair, turning the deadened tangles into soft blonde locks at a reasonable cost.

It was just after this haircut that it dawned on me I should probably keep track of my progress. I started taking pictures once a month, but the last I posted them here was in October of 2008, in the much-lauded "Hair Update and the Wrath of Darth Pieisus" post.

So, for everyone out there who's cheered me on about my hair (Jo(e) and Electronic Goose come to mind), here's how it has grown since August, up to this month.


September, 2008:

BB Gets a Haircut

Shortened Ponytail

Right after the haircut, my hair was very short and looked ridiculous when not tied back.

October, 2008:

One Month After Haircut

Short Ponytail

In one month, my hair grew a lot.

November, 2008:



Right around Thanksgiving, my hair was just starting to touch my shoulders.

December, 2008:

My Ponytail

Just a ponytail picture for this month. I was starting to get split ends again.

January, 2009:

Hair Let Down


My hair was definitely touching my shoulders here. And look, it's shiny!

February, 2009:

Before the Straightening

Ponytail Before

I got a trim of about one inch pretty much right after these pictures were taken. My next haircut will be in August.

March, 2009:

My Hair


This month. My hair's starting to get longer, and I'm so happy for that. I can't wait for the summer, when it's sure to be well past my shoulders. Plus, since I've been getting regular trims, I won't have to have a ton of length taken off the next time I go to a stylist.

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