Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selected Entries: April, 2003

I have decided to start a new blogging tradition. Because my Journals Sections are usually so long, the majority of my readers aren't able to wade through the whole mass of fluff to the few gems actually contained within.

With that in mind, I will devote a separate section to the most important parts of each Journals Section, or perhaps the parts that inspire the fondest memories for me.

This week's Selected Entries choice is from April 10, 2003, my fifteenth birthday. At the time, I was rather amazed with how old I was:

April 10, 2003
Today is my fifteenth birthday. I am fifteen years old. Somehow that doesn’t seem right. Fourteen seems me. But although fifteen doesn’t feel completely natural yet, the age fifteen seems older, sophisticated, and wild, like anything can happen. To quickly conclude with yesterday, while the Neighbors are like the equivalent of a democratic republic or a limited monarchy, our family here, I believe, is closer to the equivalent of the Stalinist regime over the USSR. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now, on with my birthday. Last year, on a paper in science class, I wrote “BlackenedBoy, Born: April 10, 1988, Conceived: July 4, 1987.” My friend Beautiful Girl saw and she is in Chemistry class with me this year. She said, “Hey, BB, are you going to put the date that you were conceived again?” We laughed. Earlier in the day, I left the house before anyone had really stayed out of bed. I’ve started getting up at about 5:30a.m. now, although I still leave around 6:55a.m. During first mod, which is Drama, we had to take extensive notes on Ancient Greek Theater. In the middle of the mod I had to leave for Red Cross Club. I am to be Secretary on the Executive Board next year.

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