Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BB the Recording Artist


Above you'll find the link to my MySpace Music page, where you can hear my new song, "So Long."

I was reluctant to post this here because it is literally the first version we recorded, the barest rough draft of the track.

We have yet to insert the drum section (which isn't entirely agreed upon), I'll probably have to write another verse, the timing is off in some places, and my vocals aren't the greatest because I was sick the day of our session.

Still, I said I'd share it with you once I could, and now I can.

After we make more progress on it, I'll post an updated version.


Anonymous said...

That didn't sound half as bad as I expected, actually you can sing quite good. I look forward to hearing a less rough draft.

Beth said...

Sounds pretty good but I had some trouble making out the lyrics.