Monday, November 5, 2012

With Friends

I'm going out tonight to a wine tasting with Norwegian and Progressive Girl at the vineyard of Norwegian's sister, then tomorrow night will head into the Goldlands to watch election returns with Progressive Girl and some others.

I'm quite confident of President Obama's victory, of course, but am happy to know that, whatever the outcome, I'll learn of it in the company of lovely and like-minded friends.

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Jay M. said...

The wine tasting sounds like fun! I'll be here at home with a friend watching the returns. I'm not terribly enthused about it, but at some point I apparently (probably under the influence) promised, and this particular friend does not do well with "rejection" - especially last minute rejection since I'd forgotten about it until Sunday night when he popped online to remind me. Have fun! I'm sure I will, but I'd prefer different subject matter.
Peace <3