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Journals Section: April, 2002

Beautiful Town
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Beautiful Town High School
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April 7, 2002
I will turn fourteen years old in four days. I spoke with Grand Ma Weird Family a few days ago. She is very worried about my mother Anne. I am, too. Grand Ma has asked Anne’s address several times, but Anne refuses to give it to her. Also, with my birthday drawing so near, I have still received no card, no money, nothing. I know that nothing is coming, of course, but somehow in my heart I keep clinging onto the foolish hope that maybe she’ll pull through. I wonder if she’s doing drugs. If she is, I can never see her again. It is a self-imposed restriction, and one that I still stand by. The thought of never being able to talk to her again, never to hug her again, is almost too much to bear. Well, I would be able to communicate with her, by telephone and by letters, but it would never be the same. My God, has she ruined everything when everything was so close to being perfect? I left her a message yesterday and she has failed to call me back. What is going on over there? What is she doing three thousand miles away from here? Ella serĂ¡ muy mala! No quiero creerlo!

April 10, 2002
Anne called here last night. She is back in Dirty Town [where she lives in Decaying State]. We got into a huge fight in which I hung up on her some five times. She basically told me she was going to disown me and I called Grand Ma Weird Family and she comforted me very much. I told Mom and Dad and they called Anne and spoke with her (though not quite as loudly as I had) and she is calling back tonight. Today is my fourteenth birthday. I was born on April 10, 1988. I was conceived sometime around July 4, 1987. Many people are coming here on Saturday. I can’t wait. Today was a warm, sunny day. Also, our bus driver accidentally took the wrong road, leading us leading us through a plaza and onto the highway. He made a circle around and we were back on track. I said to the girl next to me that it would be funny if he did it again, and she laughed for the longest time. I received many gifts from my parents this year. I actually ran out of room in my closet because of all the nice clothes. I had to clear some older things away. Except for the fight with Anne, today was a wonderful day. There is some sushi waiting downstairs for me. One of my teachers even gave me a present. Mrs. Plump Spanish Teacher gave me [a] one hundred Peruvian Intis [note]. It’s worth practically nothing here in the United States. I still like it. It says: Banco Central de Reservo de Peru. 100. 26 de junio de 1987. Presidente. Gerente General. Director. Cien Intis. Also, there is a picture of a man named Ramon Castilla. I hope that Anne is not still mad at me. Ella necesita decir “Lo siento” a mi. She needs to apologize for what she said. If she doesn’t apologize, I will be very mad and I will refuse to speak to her. She was terribly mean. All the times she said she loved me, and then she said she’d disown me because we had one fight. I still love her, but that was incredibly selfish, especially on the night before my birthday. Especialmente en la noche antes de mi cumpleanos. I just hope she’ll come to her senses.

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