Monday, April 7, 2008

Journals Section: January, 2002

At this time I was thirteen, Powell was twelve, and Thomas was six.

January 1, 2002
A new year. I have started a new journal, a computer journal, which I write in much more than this one, because typing is much easier than writing like this. Besides, my handwriting is not all that neat. Powell is so cruel to my brother Thomas. I fear Thomas’s life, his childhood, will be ruined by Powell. He is more cruel than his father. Mom made a New Year’s resolution of no name calling. He broke it in ten minutes.

Friday, January 25, 2002

I have not written in these pages for many weeks. I have only been writing in my computer journal, and I do not care to share the words I entered there. We have signed up for the YMCA. I just found out in depth today about what high school will be like. It has not left a pleasant impression on my weekend. I have to earn twenty-five credits. I am particularly worried about my mathematics classes. If I do not pass the Native State Functional Math Test in the spring, I will enter high school in Basic Math classes. I desperately want to be in Algebra I, so I must pass that test. The recent weeks have been an abyss of loss. Last week I received word that my grandfather Northern Branch, born in Panama in 1925, had died. Grand Pa Northern Branch: 1925-2002. Anne [my birth mother] and her siblings were all devastated. My grandmother Northern Branch, born October 10, 1927, was said to be the most composed person at the funeral. Oh, my poor grandmother.

January 27, 2002

Today we went over Grand Ma Normal Family’s. Yesterday was splendid. I got up today, and we had pancakes and sausages. I hate eating sausages with any other good food, because sausages fill me up far too fast. Soon after I got dressed. I read Thomas some Greek Myths. I have been reading him The Chronicles of Narnia. He has been listening every night, and I test him on it, but I’m not sure if he really enjoys it even if he pretends to. We have to return the books to my school library anyway. I am going to write down our page numbers. Then we went over Grand Ma’s, Thomas, Mom, and I. Powell had gone with Grand Ma, Quiet Cousin, and Rowdy Cousin and spent the night. I imagine they had quite a time. Thomas was most upset that he couldn’t go. We went over Grand Ma’s and Powell and I got into several fights, and Mom said we were punished, but I think she may have forgiven us. I hope so. I do love Sunday-night television. I can’t wait for summertime. I cannot wait for summer vacation. I wonder if we’ll go to Southern Beach again.

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