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Journals Section: March, 2002, Part 2

Sunday, March 10, 2002
I saw on CNN today that Iraq is expecting a United States attack. “Apparently Iraq is preparing for war,” a newswoman said. U.N. inspectors have not been allowed in Iraq for some years, so Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction. What a thought.

Monday, March 11, 2002
Six months ago today, at 8:46a.m., American Airlines Flight 11 hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Dad, Powell, and I stayed up late watching a special called “9/11.” It was from 9:00 to 11:00 at night. The footage was from inside the World Trade Center. I hope our school at least has a moment of silence. I have to go.

Today in school we had a moment of silence. I think that we should have done more. War with Iraq seems to be looming closer. This is certainly an interesting time in history. I was very tense today. When I came home a helicopter flew over the house. I ran outside. Before I had realized it wasn’t a plane, I yelled, “Oh, my God!” I was so nervous. Snickers is so nice. He is our new cat, and he is the fattest, friendliest cat. Well, actually, Midnight is the fattest. My mother Anne is in Gambling City. She told me she is thinking of moving there permanently. I asked her to drive the twenty minutes to Movie State and live there instead. She said no, she was living in Gambling City. She has a friend who lives relatively nearby, in Celebrity City. I cannot wait to call her again. Her telephone number for her cell phone is x-xxx-xxx-xxxx. You know, that in movies, they always use the number 555 for telephone numbers. They have an agreement with the telephone companies that no real telephones will have a 555 number. Referring to an earlier entry, I cannot wait until the year 2058. I won’t have to deal with school projects and whatnot then. Right now, I have a U.S. History project. My project seems very insignificant compared with the war that’s going on. I told Dad it will be over soon. Dad is convinced that in four years this war will still be going on but will have escalated. World War III. That’s what this is starting to turn in to.

March 13, 2002
Mom is very sick. She is in bed. [The following section has been translated from Spanish, in which I wrote my entries every other day] She’s in her bedroom. I’m going to write in this journal in Spanish as much as I can. Dad’s not here. He’s in Marble City. It’s going to be two hours until he’s home. Until then, I’ve told Powell and Thomas that we’ll be going to bed at ten o’clock tonight. Yes, we’re going to bed at ten o’clock. I like writing in my journal in Spanish, but I have to write in English a little, too. I know! One day I’ll write in Spanish, and then the next day I’ll write in English! Today is a Spanish day, and tomorrow will be an English day. There’s much to write. I’m glad that I know a lot of Spanish. My fourteenth birthday is next month. I’m happy. That day will be a lot of fun! My grandmother called me today. She asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told her, “I want an atlas.” I don’t really know where things are in the world. Then I said, “And I want money.” I need to write in my computer now.

Dad’s home. I need to wash. Goodbye for now.

I’m going to need a new book to write in! I need to sleep. I need to rest. I want to call my birth-mother, whose name is Anne. I want to tell her what I want for my birthday. My brother Powell can be very stupid. He yells at midnight for everyone to hear. They need to rest and sleep, not hear him yelling. Powell, Dad, and I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight. Dad said that I can’t call Anne tonight. I don’t like not being able to call her when I want to talk to her. Dad says that I can call her over the weekend. I want to close my eyes. Goodnight. I’ll write tomorrow, but goodnight for now.

March 14, 2002
Today is an English day. I am so happy! Democratic reforms! Here, at my house! Too good to be true, I know. A new set of rules was set today, guaranteeing trials for anyone punished. The first trials took place tonight. I ruled Powell guilty and he ruled me not-guilty. It’s all quite exciting. Also, I think that there is something that my parents are hiding from me. They asked Powell, Thomas, and me if any of us has field trips in Marble City and then refused to tell us why. I asked if it was because of the terrorists. Mom said no, but I have my suspicions. What is going on in Marble City? My handwriting is worse than usual now because I am writing under the covers. I wonder if there is a reason to believe Marble City will be attacked? Just when things were finally getting back to normal. Well, no. They’ll never be normal again. I know people have been saying that so much that it’s becoming a cliché, but I sincerely mean it. How frustrating this is! This journal is barely four months old, and yet nearly the entire book is full! The worst part is, I seem to have nothing to write about except to complain about this journal. Well, there are some things. For example, my father has forbidden me to go to Gambling City this summer, and no Gambling City means no Celebrity City, which to me is a very bad thing. Well, I have three months to debate on how to get to Gambling City. I just know that I have to get there. I have a strong feeling about Celebrity City, one of the strongest feelings I’ve ever had about anything. I must go there, this I know. Quiero ir a la Cuidad de las Estrellas! I shall have to get Anne, my birth-mother, to convince my father to let me go. Oh, you can’t possibly know how my heart yearns for this city I’ve never been to, never even seen besides in videos and photographs. I think of Movie State and I think, “That’s my state.” That’s where I belong. That’s all I can say. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I do.

March 16, 2002
We’re on the car waiting for Mom and Dad so we can get started on our way to Inbred State. Thomas and Powell are talking about skateboarding. We’re moving now. It’s very hilly here in Beautiful Town. I’m going to stop writing and enjoy the view.

March 17, 2002
The terrorists have done something truly evil. Right near the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, some people threw grenades into a Christian church full of Americans. About five people were killed. Also, the U.S. may be planning a war on Iraq. Apparently not many Middle Eastern countries support our move there. The King and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia have both said they will not support any U.S. action in Iraq. I wonder if any nations would go so far as to declare war on the U.S. because of the attacks on Iraq. World War III seems to be looming closer. One of my teachers told me that since September 11th anything seems possible. She’s right.

March 20, 2002
We’re going to have a big party on Saturday. Many people are coming to our house. The party’s going to be fun. Lots of kids will be there. We’re going to have a lot of fun. I want Saturday to be here now! Well, I need to go to sleep or my parents won’t be happy. Goodnight for now. I’m going to obey my parents. They don’t want me to hear what they’re saying. It’s about a friend of my father’s. He’s not a friend of my father’s anymore. Well, goodnight for now.

March 21, 2002
Today was funny. We did many funny things today. Only two days until the party. We’re very lucky to be having this party; many kids don’t have them. Many people will be at my house. I don’t want anyone in my room. I’ll close my door, and Powell will close his as well. I want to talk with Anne. I can only talk with her on weekends, because she lives in Gambling City. Because of this, it’s very expensive when I call her.

Saturday, March 23, 2002
The party’s today! In two hours many people will be at my house. My mother wants the kids to go outside. I know what I want. I want to stay inside. I want all of the kids to be inside with the other people. The other people are older, but that’s no reason to say that we need to go outside. And we will not go outside! The children will have a party, too.

Monday, March 25, 2002
I need to write a list in English.

God has helped me:
*To get over my parents’ divorce
*To be strong when I was made fun of
*To come closer to my future goals than I’ve ever been before
*To give me direction
*To help me receive high grades

I finished the list. I’ll write more in it later. I’m hungry. Now it’s time to eat.

Saturday, March 30, 2002
I’m really bad. I told my parents and brothers that an asteroid hit Gay City and that Gay City isn’t there anymore. It’s not true, of course. I said it only because tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. My father doesn’t believe it. He’s very intelligent every once in a while. I’m in the car. It’s very hard to write when you’re in the car. My mother is in the store called “The Dutch Market. “My uncle is here with us. He’s very stupid. Powell believes that an asteroid hit Gay City. I’m going to tell them the truth. I want to go to Celebrity City and Gay City. A boy I know has friends in Colorado who have friends in Gay City.

It has been very long since I’ve written in this journal in English. I’ve had it quite some time now. We went over to Grand Ma Normal Family’s house today. It wasn’t as pleasant as I thought it would be. In fact, it was rather awkward. We’re going over there again for dinner tomorrow, because tomorrow is Easter. It’s a bid odd. Good Friday and Easter are both major holidays, but the Saturday between the two days seems to have little or no significance, aside from being the last day of Lent. My grandmother is Catholic. There is much about this religion that I don’t understand. Grand Ma seemed mad about everything. All in all, it was fun. Era muy divertido. Oh, I can’t wait until this summer. I’ve been repeatedly told that Anne will not come through, and, sadly, I’ve come to believe it. I need to find another way to get to Celebrity City. My second cousin Cool Older Cousin may be going. She said she’d take me with her.

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