Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Birthday Weekend That Was

Though I won't go into a detailed account of my 21st birthday celebrations, I did want to make some record of the weekend.

On Friday afternoon, my mother came home with a bag of presents for me that included clothes, flip-flops, candy, and balloons.


A delicious cookie cake, which I shared with my mother, Thomas, and Pie, followed.

Happy Birthday!

That evening, I went out to dinner with three friends to a great local restaurant where I bought my first legal drink (a rum and coke).

After that, three of our group of four went out to the movies.

The next day, I drove to Center Town to Hippy Guy's house, where I stayed Saturday night.

At Hippy Guy's House

We went out to dinner, then to a bar, and then back to somebody's house.

On Sunday I came home.

The care that Hippy Guy showed me, the efforts that many friends took to ensure my 21st birthday was safe and fun, made me feel blessed.

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