Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hair Update

Is it that time of month again? It certainly goes by quickly. This is what my hair looked like in March, when I last did an update:

My Hair


Here is what it looks like now:

My Hair


Last month's photos were added to Flickr on March 22nd, while these went up on April 19th, meaning the two sets are actually less than a month apart.

In that time, my hair has grown significantly longer. I'm constantly surprised by its length now, every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, every time I go to brush something off of my shoulder and find blonde waves touching there, every time I swing my backpack on and feel a sharp pulling as long locks are caught under its strap.

I am well aware of what the risk is here: that my hair will be the physical trait people strongly associate me with.

The thing is, it's already happened.

"Without long hair, you wouldn't be BB," a co-worker recently said to me. "It would just be weird."

In high school I was referred to all the time as "that kid with the really long hair," and at one point was actually dubbed Ponytail Boy. A combination of length, thickness, waviness, and color made my hair the thing that even strangers remembered me by.

"I recognized you by your ponytail," a fellow student confessed to me upon making second acquaintance my Freshman Year of college.

Everyone has one feature, be it hair, eyes, face shape, nose, or overall build, that stands out as dominant in the eyes of others.

When I cut my hair very short in 2006, I wondered how I would be identified. My feelings were hurt when, my first day back at school, I said hello to several friends and was completely ignored. This happened a few times before I realized the truth; people I knew didn't recognize me. It was then that I became "that skinny kid" for lack of a better title to be given.

I guess now I have to get used to being the Boy With Long Hair again, but there could be worse things.

I can't imagine what it will look like by June, or, what's more, by August, when I'm next scheduled for a trim.

That appointment, thankfully, is four months away.

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