Monday, October 5, 2009

The Mistress Fall

Autumn Creeps In

The fleeting beauty breaks my heart
And takes away my words
The mountains laced with finest gold
The mourning song of birds

The trees are hung with champagne coins
Like toys at Christmastime
The leaves recede from summer's peak
And wither on the vine

The mistress Fall has barely come
She tiptoes through the fields
Careful to make herself known
But not her full strength wield

The grasses glow in majesty
Not yellow, nor quite green
The subtle turn to Autumn
Is more felt right now than seen

It won't be long before she moves
Her gaze upon the land
And then the red starting to bloom
Will flourish by her hand

It will erupt, a symphony
Inferno-fuse of light
For one brief moment all the world
Will glow sun-fire bright

Then the leaves will fall away
And come down from the trees
The vibrant orange will retreat
To deadest brown with ease

The stalks of copper will subside
To fields of rocky dust
The barren branches, stripped and stark
Will see a landscape crushed

The time 'till then is but a blink
In Nature's ageless eye
In whose gaze a thousand years
Pass through an evening sky

But who cares of decay to come
Or that this breath will pass
When for one gorgeous second reigns
A beauty that can't last


kj said...

brightenedboy, you are a very very good writer. i don't say that lightly. i will be back to linger for sure. and thanks for visiting my blog. i don't know how you got there but your comment was welcomed and appreciated.


mo.stoneskin said...

I hope the birds don't mourn for long, Fall is very pretty and a much pleasanter temperature.

studio lolo said...

I came here thru KJ's place and I'm glad I did. She can tell you I'm not a fan of (most) rhyming poetry but I do love this one. And you've written about my favorite season, one I've been away from for 16 years. I'm back now and enjoying every moment of Autumn. You've described it perfectly and magically.

otherworldlyone said...

Great poem, BB.

Fire Byrd said...

Wow can you write poetry, beautiful verse, lovely words
Came here from kj's place

Someone's Mom said...

Did you write this? It is really beautiful.


BrightenedBoy said...

Someone's Mom: Yes, I wrote it. Thank you so much for the compliment.

Amélie said...

You wrote this? You're AMAZING. Seriously. I was expecting to see it signed by William Blake or Emerson or something... Amazing job.

I also love it because it's about fall... a season I have an interesting relationship with. I love because it's so beautiful, yet it can upset me because it can drive me into the sticky pits of nostalgia for periods at a time.

BrightenedBoy said...

Thank you for the feedback everyone.

Amelie, I'm particularly flattered by your comment. I, too, have relationships with seasons and I'd love to hear about yours. Maybe you could do a post about it?