Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Secret

Leaves Carpet the Earth

The secret of Fall
Is the secret of Man
That both seek to conquer
Though neither one can

Their hues are most brilliant
Like rose in the sky
Their beauty is greatest
As they wait to die


mo.stoneskin said...

Very nicely put. One day Fall will conquer, we'll have permanent Fall and I won't get hot, wet or grumpy ever again.

Cheryl said...

You're a poet too! Very nice.

secret agent woman said...

I see fall as more of a relaxing than a conquering. An acceptance of mortality, maybe. But really, spring is also a celebration of that sort of transient beauty.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I really enjoy your poetry (and it is so much easier for me to comment on). We've been exploring fall in another state for a few days...but, I can feel winter blowing in tonight.


kj said...

aha! rhyming poetry! you KNOW i'm on to that!

that first verse is rhymically wise!

take care, my young friend..


Lana said...

the colors of fall help me accept the greys of winter. life after death i suppose. nice poem :)