Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Day

One day I will be free of the people who have tormented me, the people who have done me wrong, the people whose crimes still haunt my dreams.

One day the memories of those acts will not inspire the rage of the unavenged, but will fill me with happiness at what I broke away from, at what I left behind. One day their image will stand before the portrait of my life and will be nothing more than a shabby rubbing put next to a masterpiece.

One day I will look into the sunset and it will be mine, seen through windows that are mine, curtains that are mine, while I lean against a table that is mine and prepare warm food that is mine for loved ones who are mine, and to whom I belong.

One day I will control my own life and answer to no master, and in the lives I can influence I will spread joy and kindness, and even in anger I will never be what they were.

One day I will show someone an example of restraint and nobility, and forgiveness.

One day I will escape, and I will never have to scream, in anger or sorrow or fear, ever again.

One day they will be a faint recollection, and the iron fingers that clasped around my throat won't be even a whisp in a dim nightmare.

One day I will bask in thankfulness and joy at how lucky I am.

One day I will have a child, who I will love and discipline and provide for.

One day I will do what I wish, and will be questioned by no one.

One day, no person will impinge my honor or soil my reserve.

I will build this.


tattytiara said...

All very well said.

The word verification that came up for this post was "miness". Well that couldn't have been more appropriate.

San Diego Momma said...

Yes you will.
You seem to already be on your way to one day.

Poppy said...

It sounds so good, taking the positive way and rising above. I agree with previous comments :)

Poppy said...

Oh and I forgot something... there's something waiting for you at my blog. :)

penguinone said...

One day soon!

I hope that one day I can start really believing that my own 'one day' is right now. if that makes any sense at all.

This was empowering to read. Thank you.

Someone's Mom said...

I believe you.

Amélie said...

This was lovely to read. Especially when floating on the cloud nine of Tylenol 3 after a night of excruciating pain.


otherworldlyone said...

Me too buddy.

Minka said...

Glad you feel this way! Sounds like: things will only get better... Nice blog!

g said...

Yes - hold these thoughts and remember them when things seem dark.

kj said...

oh, that last line.

that is all you need to know.

and let me tell you, brightestboy, you WILL. you will.

i'm wishing your 'one day' is either tomorrow or next week, even if the roof's not ready.


secret agent woman said...

Mostly. But "One day I will do what I wish, and will be questioned by no one." No one gets that. Everyone has obligations and responsibilities that require answering to someone else, even if you take it on willingly.

mo.stoneskin said...

You go for it pal, I believe you too, make it happen my friend.