Monday, October 11, 2010

The Onset of Fall

I, like many others, am prone to occasional bouts of silliness. In keeping with this, I sometimes bemoan that tremendous blessings were not even greater, and that in achieving something uncommon I did not go further.

I've been very busy during the days that summer has turned to autumn.

To make a long story short, I found myself, through a combination of luck, cunning, talent, and a fair amount of deception, singing before one of the music industry's most famous and powerful men about two months ago.

My brother and I debated how conscious he was of the role that dissembling played in my meeting him at all, and reached the conclusion that he most likely knew but didn't care. I certainly wasn't going to ask him.

In any case, he was taken enough with my rendition of several numbers that he arranged for me to perform for another famous and powerful man connected with one of the largest record labels in the world.

The second man did not much care for me, and my immediate relationship with the company, which had been considering pursuing a recording deal with me, ended.

For a little bit, at least, I was upset at having stopped where I did and angry at myself for not having won over such a crucial decision-maker. After the initial sting of defeat had worn off, however, I started to put things into perspective.

I was able to meet with and sing for an individual who has engineered the careers of some of popular music's greatest superstars. Even doing that was a huge accomplishment in its own right. And while he decided that I wasn't a good fit for his particular label, his verdict did not diminish my talent at all. If anything, I ought to be proud that my voice impressed the first gentleman enough for him to put together the audience to begin with. Vocal ability and perceived commercial potential are two very different things.

Something I've realized is that one setback, no matter at what level, does not end a career and does not preclude a person from having other chances elsewhere. Already I'm in the process of arranging to record a demo in a professional studio.

I will soldier on, and whatever may come I will know I gave it my all.

In the meantime, the multitude of my life's large and small gifts continues in a seemingly endless procession of bounty.

One of the greatest pleasures I have, as I sit in a beautiful house surrounded by family and plentitude, is watching as Fall rolls upon the landscape and touches its fertile fingers to the soil.

The colder nights have led to many evenings in with Beautiful Cousin, huddled over bowls of my mother's delicious chicken and dumplings or sitting in front of the television with popcorn and a shared movie as we exchange playful insults.

Beautiful Cousin's family is far away, and we try hard to make her feel that she is part of ours.

This time of year has always been enchanting to me. Sometimes I fancy that I can sense spirits darting in between the changing trees, a sentiment I'm sure my late grandmother would have appreciated.

I have a lot to be thankful for, and, hopefully, more yet to come.


laura b. said...

You have good attitude for success in a difficult and competitive field. Congratulations! I'm not surprised, having heard your voice. I don't know you well, but from what I read you are a clever and intriguing young man. Sky's the limit...or is it? :-)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I like the "glass half full" attitude. I think it is wonderful you had such an opportunity. If nothing else it adds to your confidence and can go on your resume. Fall is my favorite time of year...I wish it would last much longer:)

secret agent woman said...

You have so much time ahead - all opportunities, even those that don't seem to work out, help give you experience.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

If you only make one thing of mine...make the brownies!! They are worth every calorie:)

Madame DeFarge said...

Good that you can see the positive in this. I hope that you continue to strive for success. There's so much ahead of you.

Aunt Snow said...

Few people achieve success immediately - your persistence and hard work will pay off eventually. Look at the career paths of the artists you most admire and you won't see many flash-in-the-pan stories, but stories of hard work, lucky breaks like yours, and temporary set-backs like yours.

I'm sorry I haven't visited for a while. Your September post about your family was heart-rending to read, and must have been difficult to write. I hope things are better for your family by now.

Brian Miller said...

nice. wise not to let one set back crush you....stay at it...and i love this time of year as well...and count myself thankful for much as well...

thanks for popping in and sharing your thoughts today...