Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Sun

I am meant to stride the world
You can't convince me otherwise
With mountain cliffs to be my feet
And shining stars to be my eyes

I am meant to touch the waves
From east to west my arms will reach
My left hand holds the Orient
My right the Occidental beach

I am meant to feel the sky
And through it I will surely run
No human rope is strong enough
To tie to ground the rising sun

I am meant to be the wind
That thunders loudly through the air
The frozen night will be my voice
The fuchsia sky will be my hair

I am meant to sing for joy
And radiate for my heart's sake
Those who try to block my way
Will only stumble in my wake


morgan. said...

this is beautiful... thanks for sharing.

Selina Kingston said...

That's the spirit - go for it!

secret agent woman said...

That's lovely and it sounds like you are back in a good frame of mind.

laura b. said...

I love poetry. And that is awesome!!!

nadh said...

You write it very beautiful.=)